Get information about a specific offer’s task

HTTP method Endpoint
GET /v1/offers/{offer_id}/tasks

Path parameters

Parameter Description
offer_id The unique id for the offer.

Response body parameters

Field Type Description
id integer
offer_id integer A string that uniquely identifies this offer.
user_id integer Founder ID (manager ID).
modify_status string Set status for task: active or paused
execute_time string Execution time.
create_time string Creation time.
update_time string update time.
complete_status integer Complete status:
0: uncompleted ;
1: completed

Example request

Request GET https://{networkname}

Request GET http://{networkname}

Example response

      "code": 0,
      "message": "Success",
      "data": {
        "offer_task": {
          "id": 169,
          "offer_id": 3147,
          "user_id": 1,
          "complete_status": 0,
          "create_time": "2016-04-29 10:39:07",
          "update_time": "2016-04-29 10:41:03",
          "execute_time": "2016-06-12 10:00:00",
          "modify_status": "active"

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