Delete a offer url

HTTP method Endpoint
DELETE /v1/offers/{offer_id}/ offer_urls/{offer_url_id}

Path parameters

Parameter Description
offer_id The unique id for the offer.
offer_url_id The unique id for the geo.

Response body parameters

Field Type Description
id integer The unique id for the offer urls.
status string The status of the Offer url. Allowed values: active·deleted.deleted (default)
name string The name of the this multiple
destination_url string The default Offer URL where traffic will be redirected to. Several optional variables/macros can be included in an Offer URL.
preview_url array URL that often skips any geo-targeting or other re-targeting implemented by the Offer URL. Allows Affiliates to view sample landing page.
create_time integer Create time.
update_time integer Update time.

Example request

Request DELETE https://{networkname}

Request DELETE http://{networkname}

Example response

    "code": 0,
    "message": "Success",
    "data": {
        "id": 9,
        "status": "Deleted",
        "name": "test1",
        "destination_url": "",
        "preview_url": "",
        "create_time": 1540279183,
        "update_time": 1540281494

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