Offer resources include the basic information of Targetting, Offer information, Caps settings, as well as the classification of information, and you can set the task of timing of Offer open -stop, etc.


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Available methods

Methods HTTP method Endpoint Description
POST /v1/offers Create a new offer
PUT /v1/offers/{offer_id} Update the settings for an offer
GET /v1/batches/offers Get offers
GET /v1/offers Get all offers
GET /v1/offers/{offer_id} Get information about a specific offer
GET /v1/offers/{offer_id}/all Get all information about a specific offer
GET /v1/offers/{offer_id}/advertisers Acquisition of offer associated with Advertiser
PATCH /v1/offers/{offer_id} Update the settings for an offer’s status
PATCH /v1/batches/offers/{offer_ids} Update offers the status

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