Offer Payout Tiers

Based on different payout tiers, you can assign different affiliates to the corresponding tiers, and every affiliate can be only assigned to one tier. When editing offer, you can set a unique payout to different tiers. Affiliates will take the related payout tiers to promote their offers.

Available methods

Methods HTTP method Endpoint Description
POST /v1/offer_payout_tiers Create an offer payout tier
POST /v1/offer_payout_tiers/{tier_id}/affiliates/{affiliate_ids} Add affiliates to tier
PUT /v1/offer_payout_tiers/{tier_id} Update an offer payout tier
GET /v1/offer_payout_tiers Get the offer payout tier
GET /v1/offer_payout_tiers/{tier_id} Get an offer payout tier
GET /v1/offer_payout_tiers/{tier_id}/affiliates Get an offer payout tier of the affiliate
DELETE /v1/offer_payout_tiers/{tier_id} Delete an offer payout tier
DELETE /v1/offer_payout_tiers/{tier_id}/affiliates/{affiliate_id} Delete an affiliate of the tier
DELETE /v1/offer_payout_tiers/{tier_id}/affiliates Delete all affiliates of the tier

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