Add offers to an approved list of affiliate

HTTP method Endpoint
POST /v1/affiliates/{ affiliate_id}/approved/{offer_ids}

Path parameters

Parameter Description
affiliate_id The unique id for the affiliate.
offer_ids The unique id for the offer.Comma-separated list of offer_ids.

Note:The limit of bulk adjustment is 100 offer_ids.

Response body parameters

Field Type Description
id integer
affiliate_id integer Affiliate id.
offer_id integer Offer id.

Example request

Request POST https://{networkname},1212

Request POST http://{networkname},1212

Example response

      "code": 0,
      "message": "Success",
      "data": {
        "affiliate_approved": [
            "id": 5031,
            "affiliate_id": 4998,
            "offer_id": 3048
            "id": 5031,
            "affiliate_id": 4998,
            "offer_id": 1212

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