Update the settings for an affiliate’s postback status

HTTP method Endpoint
PATCH /v1/affiliate_postbacks/{postback_id}

Path parameters

Parameter Description
postback_id The unique id for the affiliate postback.
status Status can choose is approved or rejected.

Response body parameters

Field Type Description
id integer The unique id for the affiliate postback.
offer_id integer Offer id.
affiliate_id integer Affiliate id.
event_id integer Event id.
code string
status string The status of the postback.
type integer The type of code.
Possible Values:
1:Image Pixel;
2:Postback URL;
3:HTML Pixel
create_time integer Create time.
update_time integer Update time.

Example request

Request PATCH https://{networkname}.api.offerslook.com/v1/affiliate_postbacks/8?status=approved

Request PATCH http://{networkname}.api.offerslook.com/v1/affiliate_postbacks/8?status=approved

Example response

      "code": 0,
      "message": "Success",
      "data": {
        "affiliate_postback": {
          "id": 8,
          "offer_id": 8,
          "affiliate_id": 40,
          "event_id": 1,
          "code": "https: //offerslook.gitbooks.io/api-documentation/content/affiliatepostbacks/affiliatepostbacksmd_md.html",
          "status": "approved",
          "type": 2,
          "create_time": 1467857354,
          "update_time": 1467857354

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