Get affiliate tier of the affiliate payout

HTTP method Endpoint
GET /v1/affiliate_payouts/{affiliate_payout_id}/affiliate_tiers

Path parameters

Parameter Description
affiliate_payout_id The unique id for the affiliate payout.

Response body parameters

Field Type Description
id integer Affiliate payout id.
offer_id integer Offer id.
affiliate_id integer Affiliaite id
event_id integer Event id.
current_payout string Current payout.
percent_payout string Percent payout.
create_time string Create time.
offer_id integer Offer id.
affiliate_id integer Affiliate id.
user_id integer User id.
time_interval_type integer Time interval type.
1: Daily ;
2: Weekly ;
3: Monthly
effective_time integer Effective time.
expiration_time integer Expiration time.
create_time integer Create time.
volume_caps integer Volume Based Tiers Volume Caps.
payout string Volume Based Tiers Payout.
percent_payout string Percent payout.
sort integer Volume Based Tiers Sort.
range string Volume Based Tiers Range.

Example request

Request GET https://{networkname}{affiliate_payout_id}/affiliate_tiers

Request GET http://{networkname}{affiliate_payout_id}/affiliate_tiers

Example response

      "code": 0,
      "message": "Success",
      "data": {
        "affiliate_tier": {
          "offer_id": 7,
          "affiliate_id": 7,
          "event_id": 1,
          "user_id": 1,
          "time_interval_type": 0,
          "effective_time": 1472832000,
          "expiration_time": 1475510399,
          "create_time": 1467602151,
          "tier_item": [
              "volume_caps": 100,
              "payout": "34",
              "percent_payout": "10",
              "sort": 1,
              "range": "1-100"
              "volume_caps": 150,
              "payout": "43",
              "percent_payout": "10",
              "sort": 2,
              "range": "101-∞"

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