Affiliate Payouts

Adding a new parameter, event_id, in Affiliate Postback module method. It is compatible with last version, and the default value is 1.

Note: In the case of Offer pricing type be CPC, event_id assignment and Volume Based Tiers would be unavailable. Volume Based Tiers is only available if event_id=1.

Available methods

Methods HTTP method Endpoint Description
POST /v1/affiliate_payouts Create a new payout of the affiliate
POST /v1/affiliate_payouts/{affiliate_payout_id}/affiliate_tiers Create volume based tiers
GET /v1/affiliate_payouts/{affiliate_payout_id} Get a payout of the affiliate
GET /v1/affiliate_payouts/{affiliate_payout_id}/affiliate_tiers Get affiliate tier of the affiliate payout
GET /v1/affiliate_payouts Get payouts of the affiliate
DELETE /v1/affiliate_payouts/{affiliate_payout_id} Delete a payout of the affiliate
DELETE /v1/affiliate_payouts/{affiliate_payout_id}/affiliate_tiers Delete the volume based tiers of the affiliate payout
PATCH /v1/affiliate_payouts/{affiliate_payout_id} Update the settings for an affiliate’s current payout

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