Offer Postbacks

NOTE: Creating Postback type will be affected by the types of conversion_protocol.

conversion_protocol:1:Image Pixel; 2:postback url; 3:HTML Pixel

When offer’s conversion_protocol=1, Postback type can be set as 1 or 2.

When offer’s conversion_protocol=2, Postback type can be only set as 2.

When offer’s conversion_protocol=3, Postback type will not be limited, and it can be set as 1, 2 or 3.

When setting global postback (offer_id=0), postback type will be not limited, and it can be set as 1, 2 or 3.

Available methods

Methods HTTP method Endpoint Description
POST /aff/v1/offer_postbacks Create Postback for an offer
PUT /aff/v1/offer_postbacks/{postback_id} Update Postback
GET /aff/v1/offer_postbacks Get All Postbacks
GET /aff/v1/offer_postbacks/{postback_id} Get a Postback by id
DELETE /aff/v1/offer_postbacks/{postback_id} Delete a Postback by id

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